About Zealana

Learn more about the well-known properties of the luxurious brushtail possum fibre, the impacts of non-native species and Zealana’s nationwide efforts to sustainably manage New Zealand’s brushtail possum population.

About Zealana

Zealana is a trademark brand of ultra soft, light, warm and durable luxury hand knitting yarns from New Zealand.

Zealana is a leading yarn innovator dedicated to elevating New Zealand’s already superior, natural fibres with the exceptional properties of New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibre.

Zealana yarns offer luxurious handling, we use high quality natural fibers, including fine merino and cashmere, and superior yarn manufacturing to make Zealana one of the finest hand knitting and crochet yarns available in the world.

Zealana is available in three series, each providing different benefits to your knitting:

ZEALANA LUXURIA SERIES – Luxurious blended cashmere & brushtail possum down yarns

ZEALANA PERFORMA SERIES – Machine washable brushtail possum blended yarns

ZEALANA ARTISAN SERIES – Soft, cozy, lofty + durable, brushtail possum blends

Not only does Zealana yarn make a great project greater, its production helps make New Zealand’s ecosystem a lot healthier. 

Zealana Wool School

Zealana Wool School brings you the first educational video about the non-native Brushtail Possum and its devastating effect on New Zealand native birds and wildlife.

Zealana Wool School brings you the second educational video about the non-native Brushtail Possum and its devastating effect on New Zealand native birds and wildlife.

Preservation and Protection

Since its introduction to New Zealand by fur traders in the late 19th century, the non-native brushtail possum population has reached staggering proportions largely due to the lack of natural predators that would otherwise maintain an ecological balance. The consequences of their rapidly increasing numbers are many, including damaging impacts on New Zealand’s native flora and fauna.

Zealana is committed to the responsible management of the brushtail possum in New Zealand, and when you choose our luxury knitting yarns, you are choosing to be a part of our sustainability story.

Zealana hand knitting yarn attributes

Zealana hand knitting yarns offer superior lightness and warmth

Exceptional thermal properties (warmer) due to the hollow nature of the brushtail possum fibre. Weight for weight fabrics made from “Zealana” yarn is:

  • 55% warmer than 100% merino wool

  • 35% warmer than 100% cashmere

Based on independent testing on matched fabrics – Clothing and Textile Sciences, University of Otago.

Zealana hand knitting yarns are ultra soft to touch

The combination of the fibre scale structure and the unique finishing process required for all fabrics made from Zealana yarn gives it a soft, light touch.

Zealana hand knitting yarns are more durable

Independent testing shows that fabrics knitted from our luxurious Zealana yarns are less inclined to pill compared to other fabrics knit using fibres like 100% cashmere or ultra fine merino.

Zealana's conservation efforts

Woolyarns Limited, who own the Zealana brand are proud supporters of the Karori Sanctuary Trust providing an annual donation.

”As a result of Woolyarns original involvement in the development of yarns using possum fibre some 16 years ago, it was impossible not to become increasingly aware of the serious damage caused to New Zealand’s unique native bird and plant life, by introduced species such as Possums, Stoats, Weasels, Rats and Cats.

In its first 5 years, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Trust successfully eradicated 13 species of pest mammal (including possums) from a 250 ha area of bush and wetland. A 2.2m-high predator proof fence created New Zealand’s first `mainland island` where the bush could regenerate and native species could be reintroduced safely.“

Nancy McIntosh-Ward, Previously CEO of Karori Wildlife Sanctuary