R:E:D Book- Rescue Endangered by Design

With a forward by Dr. Jane Goodall, who assures us there is hope with action, this gorgeous hard cover book features the stories of 17 endangered animals representing the continents and habitats on our Planet Earth; how they live, what threatens them and most importantly what we can do to help these vulnerable species.

Featuring stunning photographs and beautiful watercolour illustrations, this book is a wonderful resource of over 300 pages of information and inspiration for each endangered species has a beautiful knitwear design, many for both children and adults, to raise awareness of the change needed in our everyday lives. The 33 amazing hand-knit patterns are all included and each design highlights the story and beauty of each animal through the joy of knitting and the love of giving

Our Zealana Yarns featured in R:E:D��Rescue Endangered by Design:

  • Air Chunky
  • Air Lace
  • Rimu Fingering
  • Kauri Fingering
  • Tui

Order your copy of R:E:D��Rescue Endangered by Design by Polly Cavallos, Dorte Rormann and Lisa Renner

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