Free January Pattern: Rewarewa Rosette

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely start to 2024. We are looking forward to sharing so many more wonderful knits with you, starting with our January free pattern.

Rewarewa can be found lighting up the North Island of New Zealand as well as the top of the South Island. This plant is loved my many animals including the Tui and Bellbird, however, bees are certainly their biggest fan due to the delicious honey Rewarewa produces.

There is also a beautiful history behind this eye-catching plant. Not only was this nectar collected and enjoyed by Maori during the late spring, the inner bark of the plant was used as wound care, with this ability to increase healing and stop bleeding as it contains high antibacterial properties.

Furthermore, the wood could be utilised for carving and making tools given its great strength and durability.

This pattern is inspired by the lovely rosette spiral formed in the middle of the plant, working as the highlight of this knit.

This crochet pattern can be worn as a belt, necklace or as the perfect accessory clipped onto a bag or key ring…the possibilities are endless! To emulate the wonderful red shade, we recommend using Air Chunky Tuscan Red or Rosewood.

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