Free June Pattern: Kororā Hood

Can you believe we are already six months into the year? We hope you enjoy our June free pattern, the Kororā Hood.

Kororā is the Māori name for Little Penguin, a species of penguin native to New Zealand also known as fairy penguins or blue penguins.  Standing at around 25 cm tall and weighing about 1kg, these adorable creatures can be found exploring protected areas on the coasts of New Zealand reaching speeds up to 6 km/h in the water.

The Kororā population has unfortunately been declining due to the threat of dogs cats, ferrets, stoats and more, however, with intervention and the creation of protected areas, populations have been stable. An increase in coastal development has also negatively impacted the Kororā population in New Zealand, as nesting sites are damaged or removed. The largest groups can be found on Motunau Island, Pohatu Bay, Banks Peninsula, and the Oamaru Blue Penguin colony.

These animals are primarily nocturnal on land meaning they are likely to be spotted after dusk, especially from May to June as they pair up and nest. During this time they are very noisy and can be heard around the coast. During the day, they may be spotted by boat in sheltered harbours and inlets if they are not out and about exploring, fishing and feeding.

The Kororā Hood has been beautifully created in Rimu DK with a beautiful contrast stitching, the perfect accessory to keep your head warm as you waddle around town. Make sure to keep your left over yarn handy for an upcoming project!

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