Free March Pattern: Spice Slippers

This month we’re excited to talk to you all about New Zealand food as well as share our wonderful fluffy spice slippers named after the wonderful flavours you will experience in NZ!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kiwi Fruit but have you heard of the Feijoa? These small green fruits are sweet on the inside, with flavours reminiscent of a guava or pineapple. Simply cut in half and scoop out the inside and enjoy! These fruits are also delicious in sweet treats such as muffins or pastries or as a tasty jam! These small but flavourful fruits are also said to improve focus, concentration, and memory.

Given New Zealand’s proximity to water, it’s no wonder their seafood is exceptional. Tāmure (Snapper) and Crayfish are definitely local favourites. If you’re feeing adventurous, try Kina, a native sea urchin or Pāua (abalone) a popular New Zealand delicacy- both can be found at local Fish and Chip shops.

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When visiting, you must also check out Hāngī Cooking. A traditional Māori way of cooking whereby fish, kumara (sweet potato) are wrapped up and cooked in a pit in the ground containing hot stones for about three to four hours, allowing the spiced, earthy flavours to developed in the tender meats and veggies. Today Hāngī also inludes pork, lamb, potato, pumpkin and cabbage, and can be enjoyed at a few different spots around New Zealand.

The process of Hāngī Cooking is about more than just the food, it is also about community and socialising as well as a fantastic way to appreciate the land.

This is just the beginning of all the wonderful meals and treats available in New Zealand, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy!

We hope you have enjoyed learning all about the yummy things New Zealand has to offer as much as your enjoy your spice slippers!

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