Free May Pattern: Silver Fern Scarf

To celebrate May, we are excited to share our Silver Fern Scarf wonderfully crafted in Kauri Fingering.

The iconic Silver Fern plant is synonymous with New Zealand found in various areas across the north and south islands. These plants grow up to 12 metres tall and feature a wonderful silver/ white colour on their underside.

In Māori culture, the unique shape of each leaf represents strength and commitment to power and signifies attachment to their homeland. Furthermore, the way in which the Silver Fern grows from a small coil to a long majestic frond, conveys ideas of movement and enlightenment.

Because of this association, the iconic shape of this plant can be seen across the country in other forms as it is also used in logos and symbols of sports teams and organisations, including their national netball team, the logo of their rugby team, the all blacks, their defence force uniform and much more.

Our Silver Fern Scarf features a wonderful looped texture. We hope you enjoy creating this month’s knit, we look forward to seeing your beautiful creations!

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