Free July Pattern: Nīkau Sweater

Hello July and Hello to our Nīkau Sweater!

Rhopalostylis Sapida more commonly known as The Nīkau Palm is unique to New Zealand, growing in warmer regions of the country. Standing sound 10-15 m tall with it’s strong circular trunk and long spiked fronds, these incredible palms are very special within Māori culture.

Their 3 m leaves were very important in households many years ago often used to thatch houses or weaved together to create all kinds of things such as hats, mats, baskets, and more! They have also been used within cooking as a way to wrap food.

These also grow gorgeous purple flowers at the base of their low branches which not only attract insects such as bees but also birds, including our favourite- Tui!

Once a year, the beautiful Nīkau Palm creates bright red fruit that are certainly a sight to behold. These eye catching fruits are definitely a favourite among the native birds.

The Nīkau Palm takes around 30-40 years to begin to mature and over 150 years to reach 10 m tall so if you spot a very tall Nīkau Palm, chances are it has been growing for decades and decades! These palms will have around 14 leaves standing tall at once, making them easy to spot high in the sky.

Inspired by these fronds, our Nīkau Palm sweater features a lovely chevron pattern, so you too can stand out among the crowd!

We cant wait to see your Kauri Fingering Nīkau Sweaters! Make sure to connect with us online and tag us in your latest Zealana creations