Free September Pattern: Kākāpō Cable Scarf

As we head into spring, The Kākāpō Cable Scarf is perfect accessory to any outfit!

This months free pattern is inspired by the large nocturnal flightless parrot, Kākāpō. The native Kākāpō is around 58 – 64cm long is well known as the heaviest parrot species worldwide with smaller females weighing 1.4kg, and males 2.2kg. Not to mention they often pile on 1kg of fat just before breeding season.

Sadly there are only 247 Kākāpō left alive today with a number of threats such as prey and low fertility rates endangering their future.  Settlement and introduction of non-native animals (such as cats, stoats, rats and possums) clearing of forests and increases in hunting in New Zealand are the biggest threats to Kākāpō survival. However, with persistent efforts from a number of organisations such as Kākāpō Recovery their numbers are slowly increasing.

During the day, Kākāpō can be found sleeping in-ground on or up high in the tree-tops. At night is when they come out to play, foraging for food or exploring their surroundings. They are known to travel alone or in small groups leaping from tree to tree.

Their fantastic green feathers allow them to camouflage when predators are around, helping Kākāpō to freeze until the coast is clear.

The wonderful Kākāpō bird is very resilient and hard working, we hope you have enjoyed learning about this beautiful bird as much as you enjoy our September free pattern!

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